What makes Lisa Leach one of the top skin care professionals in Northern VA?

An approach honed through years of experience combined with a giving heart that applies her expertise unselfishly and produces unparalleled results. Once a client knows Lisa and the results she can get for their skin, they never leave.

Here is a bit about Lisa’s philosophy and the path she took to get where she is today . . . The Soul of Skincare Wellness.

The soul is the very essence of a person or a living thing. It is the natural center of what makes something uniquely its own. That is what Lisa Leach and Organic Plum Studio is to skin care. — The Soul of Skincare Wellness.

Just like ancient sages spent years gaining wisdom in their craft, Lisa spent over 20 years in the beauty and spa industry before becoming what can truly be called the soul of skincare wellness. After working in many top spa and beauty companies, her next move was to create her own business – Organic Plum Studio.

Lisa’s wisdom created the foundation for a brand that is built on caring, natural, organic and expert skin care. She is a Master Esthetician, make up artist, spa trainer, product expert, Organic Nutritionist and wellness speaker.

Lisa integrated her leadership position in the holistic spa industry with her all-time favorite treatments to create a spa menu like no other. Each treatment or service at Organic Plum Studio is specifically formulated to address each client’s individual needs. Lisa’s passion is providing her clients with their best skin EVER – using organic products with the appropriate potency for outstanding results.

Lisa’s areas of specialty include almost every facet of skin care, but the thing that make her services the most unique is her approach. That approach is where the Soul of Skincare really crystallizes into results for even the most troubled skin.

Whether it is a mom with tiredness and aging, marching across her face or a busy executive that travels regularly and has dry, dehydrated skin – or BOTH, Lisa tailors each treatment from her extensive knowledge and experience to bring serenity, balance and true peace to her clients’ skin and the essence of what makes them who they are at the cellular level – where beautiful skin begins.

Lisa is extremely passionate about taking care of people to improve their state of beauty and energy. She knows that every person is different, every time they visit her studio. There are no ‘standard’ or ‘cookie-cutter’ services, and Lisa has what it takes to provide that level of customized skin care. She formulates a plan to restore balance at each and every visit. Lisa is immensely intrigued by the science behind how the skin functions, and provides top level care that incorporates a “zen” experience even for a brow wax.

Schedule time to improve your skin and nurture your own skin’s essence today! Email lrhleach@gmail.com or call (703) 967-8719